Switch to smart technology for better optimization, engagement & broadcasting of your content. Organizations can empower the entire Media & Entertainment industry with the advancement & adoption of digitalization to grow at a faster pace than ever.

“More than 90% of the Communications & Media industry networking executives appraised the advancement of wireless & digital technologies as “highly” or “critically” important to their business extension today.”

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Communications & Media industry performs with continuous up-gradation paths in support of constantly upgrading trends of globalization, digitization, and diversification. With rapidly changing the viewers’ expectations, integrate your organization’s work model with streamlined & automated processes in the digital supply chain. Such deployment spans the media, broadcast, and entertainment industries like yours, all that goes through mutual challenges arising from the explosion of digital media.

Communications & Media

Enhance your organizational performance with intelligent operations & our high-end technology

Challenges for the Industry

Digitalize your performance method with atQor solutions & business intelligence services that help in evaluating content management systems, operations automation, organizational networking, internal communication channel, email & cloud solution to bring the expected output and better viewing experience. From digitalization of business processes through enterprise collaboration systems; from organization monitoring to assessment methods based on network analysis tools; we bring you a toolset specially designed to help you manage complex IT resources & movements online while improving compliance within organizations’ structure.

Perform data governance, take backups & track the disaster recovery with atQor solutions that supports incorporating high-end technology & secure systems that embrace your production. We follow your instructions, gather your requirements for reliable work delivery & the rest, our team is committed to ensuring compliance across your entire architecture. It helps in capturing & managing the entire document life cycle, information flow, and data processes.

Stay maintained with atQor’s budget-friendly services & the brand-new solutions that add burden-free expenditure management to your business & keeps you relevantly updated in the new digital landscape. atQor is a group of talented & experienced technologists who have an overall focus on delivering high-quality tech code as quickly and easily across multiple projects without compromising technical integrity or stability when it matters most considering the budget factor. The solutions add features like sales analytics, operational excellence analytics, fund management, financial reporting, revenue cycle analysis & so on. Our services help with digital transformation, insights, analytics & AI, application development, cloud migration, integration, enablement, outsourcing & so on.

Keep your data & conceptual information safe with technologically proven atQor’s intelligent security with antiviruses & firewalls that executes data loss prevention & encryption with server & endpoint backup facility. As the name suggests, this application makes using the locker easy by installing and configuring any number of cloud storage services on every single device you must use for everyday tasks including backups as well. The service includes identity & access management, threat protection, information protection, device & apps management, advanced compliance & so on. If some security issues are important or require an additional security layer in place, then we are well equipped with solutions!

Communications & Media Entertainment Digital Solutions & Services

Stream your content with digitally secured & faster-performing systems with Digital Transformation Services by atQor. Create, organize, or distribute live multimedia using embedded tech codecs to drive critical audiences in the fastest fashion; deliver rich media experiences through multiplatform platforms leveraging native apps of Microsoft & atQor technology.