The automotive industry witnessed a revolution. Safety and sustainability always remain the prime concern, but now aspects like enhanced driving experience and smart commuting decide how the sector will look in the future.

“According to the tech experts, in Automotive industry, 67% of consumers prefer personalized technology, 72% Millennials & Gen Z prefer trying visual search options, 72% dealers prefer automated technologies to empower the teams & consumer satisfaction, and the ride-sharing market forecasted a growth of 19.87% CAGR from 2018 to 2025.”

Add values to your industry with up-to-date futuristic automotive technology promotion & participate in the industrial revolution


The world revolves around the age of transformation, and the automotive sector is at its heart. The ground-breaking technologies and industry 4.0 can reshape the automotive industry and its operations. The entire business model of this economically critical sector is on an edge of permanent evolution, and the technology providers like us play a vital role in it. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are pondering ways to augment their capabilities in designing, manufacturing, R&D, and sales & marketing methodologies. Sustainable mobility and intelligent automation can renown the industry globally.


Replace the older practices of the industry with new ones & accelerate the performance with digitalization for improved results

Challenges for the Industry

Using sophisticated Microsoft tools & our futuristic vision we provide solutions that accelerate the industry with Customer Insights. atQor will provide you actionable insights and consolidate different activities like digital marketing, customer engagement, and OEM-to-dealer integration. All industry experts encourage to take advantage of such powerful features for their business strategy in collaboration. The whole of this application is designed to give enterprises an instant opportunity as it seamlessly integrates everything, they need from their existing business models through in-depth insight into your customers' capabilities such as device life cycle (device sales), financial transactions, account receivables & so on. Combining all these data streams creating real value daily while having no hassle is possible now.

The solutions we have will empower your employees, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and optimize operations using mixed reality applications with Microsoft technology presence. It will streamline maintenance to improve productivity while cutting down on unnecessary hours spent on a task. With the availability of such technology, more users are enabling an ever-growing ecosystem of apps to support our customers' needs over time. Our engineers help manage these evolving consumer behaviours across multiple platform versions so they can work on complex tasks at their maximum capacity; we bring those functions together in a seamless set-up process.

The highly advanced Microsoft based atQor assistance solution accelerator provides customers with a personalized and intelligent connected experience. It also brings maps, search, and routing capabilities to your apps with geospatial services and helps curb pollution by discouraging private vehicles and encouraging shared transport, making the cities more sustainable and environmentally friendly in the process. This technology lets consumers talk with their product providers and eliminate any potential points of friction. The sophisticated Bitcape solutions help you develop interactive web parts, that integrate seamlessly with your system using embedded APIs from the available platform. Its capabilities include enabling complex components to be interactively updated in real-time for better customer feedback and performance.

atQor services bring devices, apps, and data in one place to verify external interruption & resolves the queries optimised by security algorithms. The service is based on our own innovative ideas, a robust design with both intuitive interface elements and comprehensive integration features. It also has multiple independent components that provide powerful controls for different systems such as application processing functions, applications' resources/durability management, server health monitoring, etc.

Gathering data & analysing the performance is a must-do task for any industry & atQor solutions incorporate correct information for analysis with the help of Microsoft technologies. As soon as you get your hands on this tool, we can start working together to optimize and improve the operations further. In addition to storing and sharing your power usage statistics, you can also combine all these aspects into one simple report, that simply enables fast reporting from users' feeds. This will also ensure greater cost efficiencies while enhancing efficiency in customer service efforts by allowing quicker feedback on changes/improvements being made without having an additional effort required per request/update.

Solutions that overcome above challenges

Automobile solutions and services

atQor’s solutions will help your organization meet its environmental and ethical obligations while making it more efficient and profitable at the same time. Whether you are an automotive manufacturer or a fleet management company, we have a solution for you all.