Every industry travel through various challenges but to add values to their business with error removal attributes, we design robust, adaptable, flexible, reliable, smart, and secure tech-solutions. We create applications that help you to increase productivity and revenue and reduce turnaround time.

“Digital transformation and resultant work model revolution have essentially altered users’ expectations and behaviors, posing extensive pressure on traditional enterprises, and disrupting numerous markets.”

Make your business more successful faster than your expectations with digital transformation


Technology is a lifeline to any industry in accelerating the business & so everybody wants to be digitally transformed these days as it seems to be the future. With the updation of the world’s requirements & expectations, every industry wants to stay updated & deliver its best.


Every organization is classified into an industry considering their largest sources of revenue & in the real world there are a bunch of industry classifications, which typically fall under larger categories called sectors. Each sector carries its operational practices & to stimulate that practice with technology we deliver customizable solutions.

Industries Illustrator

atQor is a Microsoft gold partnered brand which has well trained & experienced team of engineers that design solutions & provide services to each industry sector. From small to medium to larger enterprises, we gather industrial requirements & challenges; and deliver personalized solutions associating with Microsoft technologies.


We help businesses do more with their technology investments by improving user experience and productivity. Security, compliance, and automating processes are the core offerings of atQor with industry-specific solutions.

Our Solution

atQor focus on business process automation with security and design the software solutions for all industries. The solutions are customizable for small to large to medium enterprises. To enhance the processes adopt our solutions and increase your productivity.


atQor collaborate with different industry experts and articulate various technological services that advance the operations of your ongoing business. We develop our service model according to your requirements and add our years of experience in it to build a well structured collaborative services.

With the adoption of digital tools, technology solutions & tailored services of atQor, any industry can witness business growth quicker than ever.

Why atQor

Icons8 Multichannel
Work Together

Do real time collaboration on documents, access files from all your devices, share content inside and outside the organization

Icons8 Collaboration
Engage People

Share company news, engage with leaders, reach broad audience with intranet site

Parallel Workflow
Business Process Automation

Automate manual repetitive tasks

Icons8 Knowledge Sharing
Knowledge Sharing

Find relevant content and expertise, communities to share best practice and knowledge